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Christine has been such a great source of wisdom and guidance for me. Her empathy and holistic perspective have helped me see my own truth at times when life’s distractions are doing their best to blind my way. I treasure her perspective and approach to life – valuing every moment and living for learning, growth and in service to others. – A. Guy

You are the only one who looked me in the eye; everyone else could not face my grief. – Student Feedback as TA 

Christine, I have told you before the way you have changed my life for the better and you have heard this from many, many others. Now consider that by changing my life you have changed my daughter’s, my son-in-law, her husband through her, his friends through him etc. You have changed my significant other’s life, his two boys through him, his ex-wife’s, his friends, etc. My parents and brother/sister-in-law etc. The ripple effect of your life’s work is changing the world. – Kim J

Christine had an intuitive way of getting to the reality of people’s lives. It was amazing to see how she picked up on the spiritual essence of individuals and families. Her insight was often valuable to me in preparing eulogies. The stories helped validate the value and significance of patients’ and families’ existence. We all want to know our lives mattered. Christine’s writing left a sense of satisfaction and completion as she helped people celebrate their own lives.– G. Carlson 

I’ve grown a lot since you reached out to me, and I will forever be grateful you where able to put my thoughts on paper for me. This is helping me move forward from a lot of my traumas from the past. One day at a time. – A Co-Author of Hope Has a Cold Nose 

Thank you for providing such a rich course and for all your feedback and encouragement. I learned some things about myself and some new ways to explore myself and the world. I will continue with the walks and the journaling. And I will keep dancing!

-Betty, student of Hope Whispers; Nature Speaks

I feel working with Christine is an opportunity to be introduced to “ oneself” for the first time, which will allow one to use all hidden gems that were already imbedded to be the best version of “you”  in every aspect of life….I can write an essay and still won’t be able to describe how I feel. – Bilen

I do want to recognize you and all you have done for me in the past months, it is by far one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had and am feeling so grateful – Efrat (Mentee)

As a second-generation holocaust survivor, I was dealing with inner deep pain for a long time. This was intensified after the death of my beloved father. I expected to be mentored on my leadership skills; instead, I found my life profoundly transformed by Christine’s mentoring. After one meeting she identified in a very gentle way, yet unbelievable way, my deepest pains. Putting the most beautiful mirror in front of me she walked beside me as I began transforming my life in a very short time, and in ways, I never thought possible. She utilized her listening skills and her way of softly guiding me towards healing. No one has ever been able to help me improve my life the way Christine has, and I will be forever grateful and thankful – A. Kost

Christine is a true mentor and was an effective sounding board during a time of career transition. She provided encouragement and insight, enabling me to focus positive energy on the future and learn from my past. Her passion and skill in helping others is evident as is the care and wisdom in her approach – E. Ballman

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